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April 26, 2008

Drawing with a Ballpoint Pen - Part 2

Since I wrote a post on drawing with a ballpoint pen recently, I've made up a new video (see below) that shows twenty of my ink drawings. I used a Bic ballpoint pen on all of them, and on several I used other pens also. Before each drawing is shown on the video, it tells what kind of pens I used. They include a Bic ballpoint pen, Sharpie marker, PaperMate felt-tip pen, and Staples gel pen. You can see the video below.


Video Title: 20 Ink Drawings
Time: 6 Minutes, 23 Seconds
Left-click twice (gently) on arrow in middle of picture to begin. There is quiet piano music in the background which makes the video more pleasant, but there is no narrative so you don't have to have your sound turned on. By the way, although the picture you see here is "fuzzy," on the video all the pictures, including this one, are much clearer.

All of my drawings are small. I use an ordinary clipboard (the one I used in college for taking notes) as my drawing board. I usually clip on a sheet of ordinary inexpensive drawing paper or else a piece of Bristol board I've cut from the tablet (I prefer the Bristol board for ink drawings, but it's more expensive). Sometimes, not often, I lean a tablet against the clipboard rather than taking off one sheet and clipping it on. The tablet is never bigger than 9" X 12" in size.

When I just clip on a sheet of paper, there are dozens of sheets of 8-1/2" X 11" notebook paper clipped underneath so the backing is firm but also a bit resilient -- just right for drawing. I lean the clipboard against some small boxes that keep it almost but not quite straight up and down (that is, almost at a 90 degree angle). Of course I keep something (heavy and short) in front of it to keep it from sliding forward.

Below is a list of all the drawings shown in the video, in order of their "appearance." I've given the dimensions of each picture (they aren't given in the video, though I do tell what kind of pen(s) I used).

1) Gnarled Old Tree (5-3/4" X 7-3/4")

2) Front of House and Shrubbery (4-1/2" X 8")

3) Back of House and Shrubbery (4-3/4" X 8")

4) Garden Shed Covered with Vines (5-1/8" X 7-5/8")

5) New York City Street Scene (6-1/2" X 5-7/8")

6) Laundry on Hill in China (6" X 7")

7) Narrow Street on Hill in China (5-5/8" X 5-1/8")

8) Mockingbird in the Snow (4-1/2" X 5")

9) Mockingbird Feeding his Baby (3-1/4" X 5-3/8")

10) Cat Eating out of Small Dish (4" X 5-1/4")

11) Grinning Cat Lying on Side (5-1/2" X 6")

12) Sleeping Dog in Wicker Chair (7" X 8")

13) Ground Squirrel (5-3/4" X 7")

14) Rabbit Eating off Ground (6" X 8")

15) Tree Frog (4-5/8" X 6-7/8")

16) 1947 Pontiac Convertible in Junkyard (5-1/2" X 8-1/2")

17) Old Cadillac Convertible in Junkyard (5-1/2" X 8")

18) DeSoto AirFlow with Large Birds in Attendance (5-1/2" X 8-1/2")

19) Wrecked 1957 Oldsmobile in Junkyard (7" X 8")

20) Old car in Junkyard (5" X 7-1/2")
Here is the earlier post on drawing with a ballpoint pen, and here is a newer post on drawing with a ballpoint pen.
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ibeananabart said...

Hi, nice blog. Great to meet another artist doing same thing. I would like to use this opportunity to invite you to my blog http://ibeananabart.blogspot.com/ I'm a Nigerian based artist who works with ballpoint pen too. I just posted a series of works i did. Please feel free to pop in and have a look.

May I ask you how you preserve your ballpoint pen drawings from fading away.

Jean Vincent said...

Hello! Thanks for writing. I visited your blog, but I'll have to go back there because I soon got sidetracked by your website, which I recommend: http://www.ibeananaba.com
Your drawings and paintings are very intriguing and beautiful. I love them. I don't do anything special to preserve my ballpoint pen drawings. I didn't know there was anything you could do. They seem to hold up pretty well, though none are very old so I can only hope they will last.

Anonymous said...

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Jean Vincent said...

Thanks very much for your comment! - Jean

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