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May 26, 2008

Drawing with a Ballpoint Pen - Part 3

This is my third post on drawing with a ballpoint pen. Look for the other posts on this site. (See the right side of this page for ways to find your way around here).

I've found that many people use ballpoint pens for serious drawing, and now that I know that these pens are called "biros" in some other countries, I've been able to find more sites with ballpoint pen drawings. However, it's still slim pickings when it comes to sites that make it easy for you to get to what you're looking for, that do not have too many distractions (such as ads, irritating background colors and fonts, too many unrelated things on the same page as the drawings, etc.), and that show (consistently) good artwork.

I've just looked through listings of hundreds of sites with biro/ballpoint/Bic drawings and looked at probably a couple dozen of them that sounded promising. I was hoping to find five more ballpoint drawings sites to add (I linked to several sites with ballpoint pen drawings in an earlier post on this subject), but I found just three that I liked (and it took me literally hours to find just these three). These three sites are listed below.

To fatten up this post, I'll add some more of my own Bic pen drawings below the links.


Click on "Portraits." There are only two of them but they're really nice.

Whoever "sketchdude" is, I can't find him anywhere on the web except on this (tiny) site and one other, an Ebay site where he shows just a few of his pictures, all either for sale or sold. There's nothing extraneous on this site - It shows artwork and it's for sale, that's it. I admire the artist's sensitivity and sense of beauty and his lack of pretension. The three pictures shown here are a portrait of his mother, a self-portrait, and a still-life. The still-life was done in pencil.

Anne Ross - Artist and Sculptor
Biro Drawings
These are all of the same subject (the artist herself, I'm assuming), but they're done in a unique style. Click on a drawing to enlarge it.

Biro 'N' Wash
Illustrated with photos - How to draw with a ballpoint pen and how to make an ink wash to add to your ballpoint pen drawings.

Below are some more of my own Bic pen drawings

English House

English House
5-1/4" X 6-5/8"
Bic ballpoint pen

Dog sleeping in wicker chair

Dog sleeping in wicker chair
7" X 8"
Bic ballpoint pen

New York City street scene

New York City street scene
5-7/8" X 6-1/2"
Bic ballpoint pen


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negro frankenstein said...

I've just come across this post and would like to toss in my two cents. I have been drawing in ballpoint since I was 12 years old, which means over 30 years now. It is a fine instrument with great control qualities and in the proper hands its possibilities are huge. I think the main problem with the limited amount of ballpoint art info is that the ballpoint is not considered an artist's instrument by the powers that be. I actually wrote on that subject:

My drawings can be found here:

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