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June 20, 2010

The Stonecutter - Animated Film

THE STONECUTTER by Gerald McDermott
Click on arrow to begin - There is sound

The Stonecutter

‘Stonecutter’ (1960) 6m, dir. Gerald McDermott.  McDermott made this, his first commercial film at the age of 19, an extremely complex animation short featuring approximately 2000 animation cels presented in six minutes.  Influenced by Klee and Matisse, McDermott used silk-screen as well as traditional painting techniques in crafting ethnographic folk tale animation shorts.  With films that are startling in intensity, and majestic in execution, McDermott is clearly one of the outstanding animators of his generation, despite having an output consisting solely of only five films, all of which are under 12 minutes in length.  After retiring from film animation at the age of 32, McDermott began producing animated children’s books, eventually becoming one of the world’s best-known authors of books for young readers, winning numerous awards in the process.

Above Video and Text Source: archive.org.

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