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September 30, 2012

Why Beauty Matters - Roger Scruton

Why Beauty Matters - BBC - Roger Scruton (2009)
Time: 58 minutes, 59 seconds

Here are philosopher Roger Scruton's ideas about what art is and what it's for. Artists have stopped making art that's beautiful, he says, and replaced it with "art" that's shocking, that has nothing to do with "beauty" and is even purposely ugly in some cases.

Quotations from this video:

"The masters of the past recognized that we have spiritual needs as well as animal appetites."

"[T]hinkers of the Enlightenment saw art and beauty as ways in which we save ourselves from meaningless routines and rise to a higher level."

"But art turned its back on beauty. It became a slave to the consumer culture, feeding our pleasures and addictions, and wallowing in self disgust."

Have in mind that this video is about an hour long!


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